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Handmade tray and bowls
ج.م.‏ 650.00

Flower shaped tagine

Handmade tagine
ج.م.‏ 450.00

Handmade cooking pot

Cooking pots
ج.م.‏ 540.00

Dark blue plates with golden line

Handmade plates
ج.م.‏ 840.00


Handmade tajines
ج.م.‏ 500.00

Moroccan tagines

Handmade tagines
ج.م.‏ 400.00

Red pan

Handmade red pan
ج.م.‏ 500.00

Sushi plates

Handmade sushi plates
ج.م.‏ 540.00

Pink fruit plates

Handmade plates
ج.م.‏ 755.00